Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What a birthday

My 28th Birthday went over 3 days and it was my first birthday in Mexico. Saturday we celebrated with friends at a beautiful trout restaurant up in the mountains (only about 30 minutes away) called Linda Vista (which means pretty/nice view). The weather was perfect and we were able to sit outside and enjoy the view and good fellowship. Sunday Brad and I went downtown to a nice Italian restaurant & had a great time. Monday morning I opened all my pressies from Australia & from Brad! Monday arvo our close friends Alma & Ismael and their family dropped by and gave me some beautiful earrings & flowers. Monday night, I thought the b'day was over but at 7:30pm a family from a nearby village came by with ANOTHER cake & beautiful handmade presents!! 8:30pm we enjoyed meatballs for dinner with the family of 6 that was staying with us for a week. The best present I received was the news that my parents are coming to Oaxaca in September!!! How exciting :) Today I am trying to recover from the flu as we gear up for our first intern of the season to arrive - Tammy.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Getting rid of rubbish

Rather than trying to explain exactly how we get rid of our rubbish here in Mexico, we thought we would try and capture it on a short video. Hope you enjoy it. I always love getting rid of rubbish, so do our friends Peter & Teresa. We always say what a good feeling it is when we get rid of it!!

Yesterday at church, Ismael preached on Nehemiah, and how God gave him a desire to rebuild the city walls & also a vision for the work (Neh 4). The job of rebuilding the walls was HUGE and the first thing he needed to do was clear the garbage away. God does not want any 'rubbish' in our lives to separate us from him. Our lives should be built upon the foundation of God, The Rock - not rubbish.

Hope you enjoy this short video - please leave a funny comment :P

P.S. Please note I did not use the word that American's use for rubbish/garbage...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mexico Adventures

Wow, I really haven't been keeping up with this blog!! My Mum is teaching blogs for her school and I enjoy reading Gini's and Lisa's so I guess I might start writing again (we will see...). Today is Valentine's Day and I woke up to a Reese's chocolate heart with Reese's pieces inside - YUM. It's gone now. Brad also gave me a bunch of flowers. I was VERY impressed that he bought them the day before when I was at school and kept them out the back in water and then suprised me on Valentine's morning. What a hubby :) We have had a relaxing day and am looking forward to going to a charity dinner put on by the missionary children here. They are going to serve us a three course meal!

On another note...I thought I would use this blog to write about random things that happen here in Mexico that most of you wouldn't realise...I'll start by just writing some random things that have happened here in the last 8 months.

1) At around 9pm every night in our quiet street a Mexican man walks with his little cart of corn and yells and the top of his loungs - ELOTTTTTESSSSSSSSS! (corn in Spanish). Even after being here 8 months I still think it's awesome (the yelling) and it brings a smile to my face. Also because back in June when Ben & Becky where here we couldn't figure out what he was saying...and one day Ben walked out and yelled "AHHH AHH eeee" (because that's what it sounded like at the time)...It brought loads of laughter and we still tell alot of people the story. ... One day I will buy some corn from him

2) Pretty much everytime we get in our car to go somewhere there is some sort of road blockage...sometimes it's the teachers striking. This means
they just all stand in the middle of the street and block main roads and even access to the aiport and the gvt lead you to back roads. One time we were going to our friend's house, which is only 5 minutes away, and the main road to their house was blocked with a FERRIS WHEEL...there were about 50 people just setting up for that night to have a little fiesta!!

3) On a lighter note, we buy containers of fruit for about 70c...fresh tasty pineapple :) OH YEAHH!

Well that's all for today.