Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Which country am I in?

One of the things about being a missionary and also married to someone from another country is that we have THREE countries in the mix. This can make it a little confusing sometimes when we swap between countries as to where we are and what the cultural do's and dont's are. Right now we are in Australia and yet I feel bad about throwing my toilet paper in the toilet because I think I am still in Mexico! Other things that are different are greetings. Sometimes I actually forget how I'm "supposed" to greet people. In Texas, guys and girls do the side hug thing, in Australia we do the big full on bear hug and sometimes the kiss on the cheek at the same time. In Mexico it's the shake hands and then kiss on the cheek. My grandma caught my brother and sister in law off guard a few years back because she likes to kiss people on the lips. They thought that this was how everyone in Australia greeted people!! HA!