Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pregnancy : everyday brings something different

From what I have heard every phase of pregnancy brings with it something new and different. The first week after we found out I was pregnant was so amazing. We did three pregnancy tests just to make sure (all your women who have had babies will know the lines on those things are sooo dim and skinny). Then if that wasn't enough we went down and had a blood test. The joy on both our faces when we opened the envelope and it said "POSITIVO" was something we won't forget. Then we started reading a bunch of stuff and looking online into eating etc. Brad wrote a plan of what I should be eating each day and I had such an appetite and joy I was eating everything and thinking "this is a breeze."

I guess after a week or two the HORMONES started going and then the crazy reaction to smells. The worst smells for me have been cheese, eggs (but I'm allergic to them so that makes sense), smoking, the smell of our dog Luna when she's dirty and the worst one - dirty hand towels and rags in the kitchen. A number of times I have walked into the kitchen and walked straight back out to the bathroom. One side effect I guess is that Brad did all the cooking for a few weeks cause I couldn't stand to be near the kitchen. For a few weeks I ate the most boring foods - rice cakes, vegemite toast, plain pasta, bananas and for some reason I have been craving MILK - which is really strange cause before I was pregnant I would never drink a glass of plain milk.

After that came the phase of crying for no reason and thinking that I was a bad mother already because I was so emotional and crazy over nothing. Luckily that passed relatively quickly and I had a good talk to my sister in law in Australia. Although she tells me those feeling will come back throughout the pregnancy!

I thought most of the morning sickness was over until the last two teams we had we were travelling back late at night and if you have been to Mexico you will have heard of TOPES. These aren't normal speed bumps, in Mexico we put them every 100 metres and they are super giant ones that make your body shake when you go over them (ok slight exaggeration). Anyways baby does NOT like Topes so we pulled the van over and I threw up on the side of the road. Not really the most glamorous pregnancy experience but hey as everyone tells me "I've been there" (people who have kids)...

This week has been another first. My appetite has returned as well as the desire to exercise. Last night I went to my pilates class and I'm going again on Wednesday. It felt great. I'm looking forward to the rest of the pregnancy and all the other "firsts" that are to come!

Friday, July 3, 2009

The news is out

It feels good to have "the news" out there. We are pregnant! Today we are 10 weeks. It has been a fun rollercoaster journey so far. We found out when I was 5 weeks pregnant and the last 5 weeks has felt like an eternity waiting to tell people and some people wondering why I have been sick and then the next day I'm fine and then I'm sick again! ha!

We have decided to go to Australia to have the baby and will leave on Thanksgiving when I'm 7 months pregnant. After we found out we went around to hospitals here and COULD NOT find anyone who spoke English. This was pretty much the deciding factor as even though our Spanish is progressing I didn't fancy having a baby and the Doctor speaking to me and not understanding. I'm also excited about being in Australia over Christmas, New Years and summer!! Also I think it will be amazing to be around my family during this time...AND one of my best friends is due 8 days before me so we have already been talking about all the fun pregnancy stuff together.

Our next Doc's appointment is in 2 weeks so we are excited about that!