Monday, May 25, 2009


Seems like there has been alot happening this past month. Brad and I decided to move and were planning on moving tomorrow. Then the swine flu thing hit and we were told to stay indoors and all government buildings, schools, cinemas etc shutdown for nearly two weeks. It was a crazy time and there was alot of fear around here (and in the world). Anyways Brad and I were sitting around and we decided to move our move forward (seeing as we weren't doing much). We moved a few weeks ago into our OWN place (still renting of course). But...we have our own space and it's a beautiful place. It's about 10 minutes walk to the "base house" (where we used to live). We will now move the Spanish Lending Library (another ministry of Mission to Mexico) there and it will also continue to house our teams.

Last week we flew to Texas to help out with a few things. Brad & I booked separately as I wasn't going to go in the beginning, therefore we were on separate flights from Houston to Corpus. We rang and tried to get my flight changed to his and he only had 40 minutes in Houston and I had 2.5 hours. They told us that wasn't possible and told Brad it would be impossible for him to go through customs, get his bag and check in to his next flight in 40 minutes but the next flight that I was on was sold anyways we landed in Houston and we ran off the plane all the way to customs...we were the first ones there and there were no queues. We went through customs and I didn't check a bag so the one bag that we shared came out first. We ran upstairs and dropped off our bag and then ran to the gate. We were nearly at the gate with 12 minutes to spare when Brad said "let's just walk" and I said "let's keep going cause I might get on standby." We started running again to the gate and they told us there was a gate change, all the way across the other side and then we would have to walk outside to the plane. She told us to run because we wouldn't make it. So we started running again and Brad just went ahead of me (seeing as it wasn't my flight). He got to the gate with a few minutes to spare and they said there was room for me if I got there in time. I made it and got on standby. No problema hey!

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