Saturday, August 1, 2009

About to start showing

I'm now 14 weeks pregnant and haven't put on any weight yet. It's a funny feeling going to the scales and hoping that the numbers go up because I want to start showing!! hehe
I starting wearing my first pair of maternity jeans yesterday, mainly just for comfort. I don't understand why people don't wear them all the time, no zipper or buttons to worry about just pull them up and down!! We are going to find out what flavour we are having in 3 weeks and our cot (crib) and pack and play are going to be arriving in 2 weeks. It's all exciting! Also we started our registry and someone already bought something (no idea who). It's This registry is for people in the States, we have 3 countries involved here so most of the bigger items will be bought here in Mexico or in Australia.

Here's the 12 weeks photo - nothing to show though...

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Read on! said...

No- it will be interesting to see whn you 'pop"!