Monday, August 18, 2008

Just what the doctor ordered...

This evening we had a local pastor (from a nearby village) and his family over for dinner. Before dinner I received a package from Australia!! It was very very exciting. Especially when I read that it was from my friend Sorrel. Sorrel and I both have a LOVE of Freddo Frogs (pretty much the best chocolate in the world). She sent me freddos and a gorgeous card telling me that Freddo was so happy to be in Mexico and looking forward to some adventures...

Thank you sooo much Sorrel, especially for the beautiful card and the funny thoughts on it, I love your creativeness and the fact of doing Freddos adventure definitely made my day. You are a good friend! :) Hope you enjoy the pictures. By the way feel free to comment on the blogs so I know that people are actually reading them - just hit make a comment below.
Here is freddo trying X box with his new Mexican friends

Freddo trying on his first Sombreo!

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