Sunday, August 17, 2008

Nearly 4 months on....

Brad and I in our backyard 12/8/08

Well tomorrow it will be 4 months since Brad and I left Australia and nearly 3 months since we have been in Mexico. It feels like such a whirlwind actually! Our first month here was an amazing month of CRAZINESS!! 4 days after we arrived so did our first team and our first group of month long interns. June was a fun, exhausting, challenging and a great month!

We had a few days break in between the interns leaving and our next team arriving. It was amazing to see what prayer can do on that team. We have been focusing on language school since then. This past week we visited two villages to make plans for the next team and I felt like I could actually converse in Spanish and understand, so that made me feel happy that I'm learning something!!

Yesterday I went to a ladies missionary day and one of the ladies told me that she has been here 2 years and has just started feeling like this is home and that she has made friends now!! Hopefully it won't take me that long though. I feel like I am making some good foundations on friendships but it's true that you can't just become automatic friends with someone it is going to take time. That's why I miss my friends in Australia because they know me so well. I'm hoping this blog will be a good way to write down what's going on and also to communicate. I have felt very patriotic as I watch Aussie doing so well at the Olympics :)

Anyways hope you enjoyed my first post xx Becstar

Us with the 4 interns - Tyler, Zack, Nolan & Taylor

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On Dad's birthday! Those interns were great :-)